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A brief introduction;  my name is Jim Carr .  I have put together a team of support techs, and we have worked for the past 3 years for Silver Bullets, LLC, the Distributor for the RYO Filling Station  for the States of Pennsylvania, Florida, New York, Connecticut, Illinois, Minnesota, and West Virginia. This team of technicians serviced over 500 of these machines in the above listed states. For any reference information, you can call any of the Florida retailers and, I am sure, they will give you any information you may need about me or you can contact RYO direct. 

Service Option 1

Phone Support Service with contract support 

$100.00 per month per machine; 

1 year term Includes Unlimited 8:00am to 8:00pm phone support,  7 days per week 

Onsite service

$25.00 per hour for travel time 

$40.00 per hour onsite repairs. 

$100.00 minimum  charge 

Travel expenses and parts additional 

Service Option 2

 Phone Support with  no active contract 

 $25.00 per incident 

 Onsite service 

 $30.00 per hour for travel time 

 $70.00 per hour onsite repairs.  

 $150.00 minimum  charge 

 Travel expenses and parts additional 


Step-by-Step Guide to Removal and Cleaning of Compression Block Housing Screw Holes (docx)


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